Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh, my version of Knuffle Bunny.

So my daughter and I are in a crazy book obsessed place right now. She loves reading them, I love buying them. Very rarely do I love reading them because she tends to love the more boring books. I decided to change this as the books that I have recently purchased have more imagination and humor to them then  an ABC  book. That is when I purchased Knuffle Bunny. I got this book because not only did it make me laugh, it also reminded me of my little bebster. In short, Knuffle Bunny is about this little girl who is obsessed with her stuffed rabbit.I can relate all to well. My daughter is currently all about her doll Kermit, so much in fact that when I went into her bedroom yesterday morning I noticed that Kermit was missing. I believe she knew this too because instead of greeting me with besos and smiles, I got frowns and whines. It took me an hour to find Kermit and she made me pay for it dearly that whole hour. So if you ever see a copy of Knuffle Bunny out and about, pick it up, read it, and you will get a little glimpse into our lives these days. Tootles!

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