Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a beautiful morning!

So the most important things in my life are my family and my faith, so this morning I am letting you take a peak into what it is like around here. First of all, the day starts out with me trying ( and I mean TRYING) to get Mila out of bed. You see, even though she will scream like there is no tomorrow when we put her down for the night, the morning is a whole other story. When I enter her bedroom I am treated with a toddler who is PRETENDING to be asleep. How do I know this, well, the giggles kind of tip me off. Then she proceeds to sit up in a dramatic fashion and show me her teeth in a huge grin. This of course melts me immediately. Then as if I am not already wondering how I could have given birth to anything more cute then her, she starts to jump on the bed. This I laugh at, which I know I will regret when I will eventually have to explain to her why we do not jump on the bed, but whatever. Then comes a game of running to the opposite side of the crib when I try to grab her. Eventually I am able to grab her, change her, and move upstairs where yum yums and fun begin. These pics are a little visual into the yum yums and fun.

                       A lovely meal of scrambled eggs on Ariel's face.         
                                         We then have reading time. This weeks selection:
                                                         Princess Bible by Andy Holmes

                                         The teacher then comes out of me and we say our alphabets...

                                         and color them.

Not pictured: * Dance party where I proceed to make Camila spit up to the music of ..
                        -Mumford & Sons
                        -Owl City
                        -Chris Tomlin
                     * A walk outside where Camila soon began to try and eat rocks.
                     * Our German Shepherd almost running us over out of pure excitement.
                     * Me trying to throw a stick for puppy to catch in which I threw my cell instead. oops!!!
                     *Camila running away from me as I try to change her diaper.
                                                        So far a successful day!

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  1. I laughed so hard about the cell phone! I know that will be me one day,lol. -Vivi