Thursday, October 11, 2012

Oh, There Was Just Something About Him!

I am totally in a romantic, reflective mood right now. You ever get those? You know when you start remembering things that make you smile and giggle to yourself and then you realize that you are by yourself and you look odd. Well yes, I am having one of those moments. So I have decided to write down how my husband and I met. Another reason I am doing this is because as the years have passed the memories are getting foggy and I must not forget them, so here we go.

In my first semester of college, I went to visit my best friend Viv who was attending college in Chicago. When I got to the airport, I went to the train to wait for Viv to pick me up. When she arrived , she was walking with two guys. One to her right and the other to her left. Who would have thought that years later she would marry the guy to her left and I would marry the guy to her right. So yes, that was the first time I layed eyes on my future husband. The first thing I noticed about him was how quiet he was. He had a backpack on and had his earphones on (yes very artsy.) As I hung out with Viv and all her new buds I found myself drawn to him. Needless to say my husband now has no memory of our first meeting (which you better believe I give him crap for.) Anyways, what followed after that was about two years of me visiting and us getting to know each other. But right around year three is when the real flirting began. Our conversations were awkward in a cute, I think your cool kind of way. We talked about music and then there would be silence and then chocolate malts and then there would be silence. You know, cute.

The next step in our path to love was very mature and thought out. We started talking through our friends, haha. Eventually, through Viv we discovered our mutual feelings for one another, but alas, it could not be for I still lived in Florida. This all changed when after graduating college, I moved to Chicago to be able to live in a big city and yes, perhaps find love with the quiet boy with the earphones in his ears. After months of ignoring our feeling for one another (why we did this, I do not know, nerves maybe), we eventually decided that this was meant to be. Four months after we became official, we got engaged. Six months after that we were married (we did not waste any time, hehe). Three months after our wedding I became pregnant. And then nine months later we were joined by our baby girl. Looking back, I must say that I would not change anything. Tony is truly the man that God made especially for me and I am honored that God would bless me with such a gift. Here is too God and His awesome planning skills!!


  1. Ah, this makes me smile.
    Oh, and that last picture of you two is A-MA-Zing!

  2. This is all the more wonderful because this young man is my son!!! Such a beautiful tribute! You are all the best little family!