Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Oh what a day!

Highlights from yesterday are as follows......

* Waking up and realizing my daughter has a cold.
* Making juice to fight off cold.
* Realizing we have run out of wipes as I am changing a poopy diaper.
* Running to the store to buy baby vicks , wipes, and vapor rubs.
* Baby cannot sleep due to the runny nose and drool coming out of her mouth.
* Falling down the stairs and scraping my arm.
* Husband coming home with a fever.
* Trying to take care of husband and baby simultaneously.
* Having a breakdown where I cry that I am not a good mom and wife because I cannot take the pressure.
*A screaming baby that was only able to be soothed by Doc Mcstuffins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
*Baby falling asleep around 4am which meant I fell asleep around 4am.

Hoping for a better day.

1 comment:

  1. oh gosh, Bianca. I am so sorry to be gone right now! I so hope today, thursday, is a better day for you & Mila. I didn't know about your fall down those stupid stairs. You are a wonderful mom & wife. The pressure becomes too much for every one of us at some point. Eat something yummy!!! Tell baby girl Gramma will be home around 1 tomorrow and you can take a much needed break. Love you!